Brazil Navy Academy Amateur Radio Club

            The Brazil Navy Academy Amateur Radio Club (GCEN) promotes the Diploma ALMIRANTE TAMANDARÉ, in honour of the Brazilian Navy Patron, Admiral Joaquim Marques Lisboa. This diploma can be earned by any amateur radio and radio listener (SWL), Brazilians and foreigners, in three categories according to the score achieved. The categories correspond to the Titles received by Admiral Tamandaré during the Brazilian Second Empire: BARON; COMTE; and MARQUIS.

The ALMIRANTE TAMANDARÉ Diploma is available to all amateur radios in the world who confirm contact with the Amateur Radio Club Station of the Brazilian Naval Academy – PY1BJN – and another 3 (three) Military Amateur Radio Stations of the Brazilian Navy (organizations of the Brazilian Navy; or active or veteran members of the Brazilian Navy), in addition to at least one ham radio station per Brazilian Federation Unit (UF), among States and Federal District (DF), according to the conditions established below, corresponding to each category of the Tamandaré Diploma

The same station may be contacted more than once, as long as it is in a different band and/or mode.

The list with callsigns of Navy amateur radios, valid for this diploma, can be changed and must be consulted at

Period: QSO made from January 1, 2023 will be valid.

Bands: All authorized.

Modes: AM, CW, FM, SSB, DIGITAL and Satellite.

Diploma Categories: The diploma will be earned in 3 categories, conditioned to the number of Federation Units worked by each amateur radio or SWL, in addition to the 3 military stations and PY1BJN, namely:

– Baron de Tamandaré …………. from 14 UF;

– Comte de Tamandaré………… 27 UF; and

– Marquis de Tamandaré…….. 27 UF plus a Brazilian Oceanic Island (Trindade; São Pedro e São Paulo; Fernando de Noronha).

Confirmations: The QSO can be confirmed using LoTW (Logbook of The World), LogBook or physical card. Applicants must send to the e-mail address, in a single PDF document, copies of the valid contacts confirmations.

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